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We are looking for a high quality, ambitious, proactive recent college grad who will assist our marketing and development efforts. You will manage Paymentwall’s Turkish marketing efforts both online and offline. We are looking for highly energetic, fun, high quality, eloquent candidates. You have to be willing to learn a lot, work long hours and develop lasting relationships in a high quality manner and grow yourself and with the team.
We need someone who can contribute to big picture decisions as well as pay attention to all the important details. This individual should have an interest in international payments and virtual currency, and live on the pulse of the tech world. An individual who is excited to work in a fast-paced silicon valley start up environment but in our office on Taksim square.

Coordinate all PR activities.
Serve as an advocate for Paymentwall’s SanalPara platform, attending trade shows and events.
Organize events and parties for potential clients and the tech community.
Create marketing materials for promoting the SanalPara brand.
Promote Paymentwall and SanalPara Platforms online, on Facebook and Twitter.
Write press releases, and coordinate publishing of articles in magazines and on blogs.
Participate in international fairs and events, promote Paymentwall and Sanalpara.
Build good working relationships with bloggers, journalists and website editors.
Keep up to date and maintain expertise on the virtual currency and payments industries.
At least one or two years experience working in related fields.
You are fun, friendly yet business savvy – this individual needs to be eloquent and be able to conduct serious conversations around technical and legal details.
Ability to work with a cross-functional and extremely diverse team to drive results.
Most importantly you need to have great attention to detail, positive attitude and the ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines.
Assist with other projects when required.
University bachelor or above is required
Those who are proactive, goal oriented individuals who take pride in what they do.
Those with an interest in gaming, dating and Internet culture.
Super connectors who live on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media outlets.
Those with endless energy that can channel that energy into innovation and creativity to help grow Paymentwall.
Those with an understanding of different cultures around the world, who are always hungry to learn more.

About Paymentwall Inc.

Paymentwall – The global digital commerce platform for selling digital goods and online services.Paymentwall is the leading merchant of record digital commerce platform for selling digital content, goods, and services globally, assisting game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies, and many other verticals.Paymentwall can be easily integrated into your product to help you reach users from anywhere in the world. Paymentwall provides state-of-the-art services such as 120+ localized payment options, fraud management, 24/7 international customer and merchant support, delivery confirmation and risk management APIs, sales and pricing optimization, UI/UX customization, skinnable checkout widgets and flows, VAT and sales tax management. Our numerous alternative payment options enable your users to purchase your digital goods and services unlike ever before. As a customer-focused digital commerce platform, we make sure your customers get the best service possible regardless of their geographic location, day and time. Paymentwall provides its users localized interface and customer service in 25+ languages.Our team has extensive experience in eCommerce, social networking, online gaming, and payment systems and we make excellent consultants in addition to being your trusted global digital commerce platform.With 10 offices around the world and our team travelling from conference to conference constantly, we may be very close to you unlike any other payment company. Whether you're in San Francisco, Berlin, Istanbul, Kiev, Manila, Hanoi, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Beijing or Sao Paulo, please stop by our offices and meet us face to face, or attend one of our parties in our global offices, enjoy some drinks and have some fun times with us!
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